QUISCO at the IOP 17-18/12/2012

DSC07926Many QUISCO representatives were presenting at the Institute of Physics Meeting on Quantum Technologies in London 17-18th December 2012. Researchers from Glasgow, Strathclyde, Heriot-Watt and Edinburgh universities gave both invited and contributed lectures on their latest results.

Daniel Oi (Strathclyde) gave an overview of current efforts on performing entanglement experiments in space using CubeSats, extremely small satellites but with advanced capabilities.

DSC08048Vedran Dunjko (Heriot-Watt, right) presented experimental results implementing quantum digital signatures, a method by which “quantum cheques” could be signed and verified.

DSC08076Sabrina Maniscalco (Heriot-Watt, left) showed how a particular form of quantum noise, Non-Markovianity, could be characterised and even used as a diagnostic tool.

DSC08095Jacqi Romero (Glasgow, right) explained the phenomenon of orbital angular momentum of light and recent experimental progress on its production and manipulation.

DSC08164Elham Kashfi (Edinburgh, left) gave an invited talk on the verification of quantum computers. This combines cryptographic secrecy with quantum computation to allow the secure operation of quantum servers. More generally, it tries to answer the question of how do we make sure our quantum devices are performing as promised.

Besides talks, QUISCO members also showed posters presenting their varied research. More photos of the event can be found here.