Meeting 16th June 2017 St Andrews

QUISCO meeting 16 June 2017

I am happy to announce the programme of our forthcoming meeting on Friday 16 June in St Andrews. Many thanks to everybody contributing.

All are welcome, let us come together after the longish break.

For those who haven’t been to our Department yet:
The travel directions and the official parking/access instructions are described here.

We are in room 222 in the Physics Department. If you enter through the main door just follow straight through the glass door, then turn left at the first possibility and the room is on your left, opposite to the printers.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all here.

With best wishes,


10.30– arrival, coffee/tea/discussions available in room 222; Talks in room 222 as well

10.45 Natalia Korolkova –welcome

10.50-11.30 1) Kali Wilson, Heriot Watt U, Signatures of superfluidity in nonlocal photon fluids

2) Thomas Roger, Optical analogues of the Newton-Schrodinger equation and boson stars

11.30-12.00 Viv Kendon, Durham U, Continuous-time quantum computing

12.00-12.30 Petros Wallden, Edinburgh U, Rigidity of quantum steering and one-sided device-independent verifiable quantum computation (based on: Gheorghiu, Wallden, Kashefi NJP 2017)

12.30-13.00 Ittoop Puthoor, Heriot Watt U, Measurement-device-independent quantum digital signatures

13.00-13.05 Natalia Korolkova – some announcements

13.05 -14.00 Lunch and informal discussions in room 233

14.00-14.30 Marco Piani, Strathclyde U, Genuine multilevel quantum coherence

14.30-15.00 Daniel Oi, Strathclyde U, Quantum Technology in Space

15.00-15.20 Friedrich Koenig, St. Andrews U, Quantum vacuum emission from an optical event horizon

15.20-15.40 Graeme Weir, Glasgow U, A New Solution For Minimum-Error Discrimination Of Arbitrary Qubit State

15.40-16.00 break, possibility to get coffee/tea/drinks etc from Physics café and vending machines (Physics foyer)

16.00-16.30 Thomas Brougham, Glasgow U, Can boson sampling tell us anything about the complexity of simulation spins?

16.30 onward – Discussion – future of QUISCO

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