Meeting 3rd April 2019, Heriot-Watt University

Heriot-Watt University, Earl Mountbatten Building, EM1.83

1000-1010Welcome (AF)
1010-1040Processing quantum information in disordered media by wavefront shaping, Hugo Defienne, Glasgow University
1040-1110Rejecting observer-independence in quantum theory, Alexander Pickston, Heriot-Watt
1125-1210Quantum Photonics using 2D materials (invited), Vinod Menon, IEEE distinguished lecturer 2019, City University of New York
1210-1230Quantum dots in two-dimensional heterostructures, Mauro Brotons Gisbert, Heriot-Watt
1230-1315Lunch Break
1315-1415Lab tours (optional) & “Open space” discussion
1415-1435Cooling of impurity atoms by a reservoir gas, Rosaria Lena, Strathclyde
1435-1455 Ancilla controlled quantum computation for discrete and continuous variable hybrid systems, Viktor Nordgren, St Andrews
1455-1515 Sampling matching and its applications in verification, Niraj Kumar, Edinburgh University
1530-1550 Skyrmion structure in vector beams, Scarlett Gao, Glasgow University
1550-1610Generative Machine Learning, Brian Coyle, Edinburgh University
1610-1630Quantum E-voting, Nikolas Lamprou, Edinburgh University
1630Closing remarks (AF) and potential campus pub visit